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Couch surfing takes off ,

The latest report from Forrester Research reveals that 85 percent of tablet owners in the US use their tablet while they're watching the telly, displacing smartphones and laptops as the popular choice for "second screen" viewing.

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Building your own personal cloud ,

Convergence. It's something technology commentators and innovators have been talking about for years, and the potential that it brings — when all of the gadgets and data and services we use on a regular basis are all hooked up and talking to another — is mind-boggling.

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Girls Around Me app goes too far ,

By using freely available information from Foursquare and Facebook, Girls Around Me enabled users to find women who had checked in nearby, and click through to their Facebook page to read more information about them.

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Data roaming bill shock ,

The internet is rife with horror stories of people happily using their smartphones overseas for web browsing, email, Google Maps and Facebook, and not realising they were getting charged something along the line of $50 for every minute of data use.

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Smart TVs getting even smarter ,

Jenneth Orantia talks about what we can look forward from the latest range of Smart TVs and Smart TV-enabled technology.

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Gadgets for women: it takes more than a pink paintjob ,

Why is it that almost all gadgets targeted at the female market are the same products as the ones designed for men, only with a pink paintjob? Haven't the ol' marketing gurus gotten any wiser? Or are they simply being lazy? I know it's not for a lack of buying power.

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Would you trade your smartphone for a dumbphone? ,

You know that smartphones have really, really hit the mainstream when you can pick one up at your local Woollies or service station along with a pack of a ciggies and a carton of milk. Regular readers of this column know that I'm a huge smartphone enthusiast, but there's still something to be said for going the other way and getting a "dumbphone".

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The best of the Mobile World Congress ,

It's that time of the year again, when tech journalists from around the globe converge on sunny Barcelona to get an advance look at all the hot new smartphones and tablets for this year.

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Do you have nomophobia? ,

Nomophobia: the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. Yes, it's a real thing. But I'm sure you don't need convincing of that. Chances are, you've already felt this sort of anxiety in one form or another.

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Time for a tablet? ,

The iPad 3 is rumoured to be on the way soon, but is it the best option? Jenneth Orantia takes a look at some strong tablet competitors.

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