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Technology lends new parents a helping hand

Emma Baker
Monday, April 16, 2012

A new technology is now available to offer new parents a helping hand for even the dirtiest of jobs.

The Exmobaby is a monitoring system that warns parents via text message or email when their little one needs changing. Developed in the US, the technology is built in to an infant babygro, and can also sense a baby's heart rate, temperature and breathing rhythm. There's even a setting that will help parents identify what kind of mood their baby is in — happy, or not so much.

The device works by detecting electrical impulses emitted when the skin becomes moist. A special thread senses the electrical signals on the skin and as the signals become stronger due to contact with the moisture, an email or text alert is triggered.

Parenting experts have voiced their concerns about the product, suggesting that is could replace natural instincts and cause parents to become over-anxious.

"This will take away from parents something which should be instinctive. It fuels parental anxiety. It's far better to keep an eye on our babies and use human touch to work out when something is wrong," said Judy Reith, from parent coaching firm, Parenting People.

But the manufacturer insists that this is not the case.

"We imagine people being there with their baby looking at the data and learning more about their baby. They want to research their baby's development," said a spokesman for Exmobaby.

The website for the device also claims that it may help to reduce infant deaths due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or accidents. The heart rate monitoring feature would alert parents immediately if their baby were in danger.

Would you use the Exmobaby to help you understand your baby's needs? Share your thoughts in the comments…

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User comments
As a new mum to a beautiful 18mth old little girl I am turned off by this concept of having an electronic device telling me when my baby is wet. While the first couple months are confusing to any parent, it is the time when you will get to know your baby. It didn't take me too long to know my daughter's signals when she was uncomfortable, wet or soiled, and allowed her to execute the simple act of communication with us. Why would you deny your child the ability to express themselves and communicate? It became evident to us in later months, before she could talk, that she was frustrated with her lack of ability to communicate so we adopted the baby sign language technique. She thrived on it and was much happier being able to tell us what she wanted and needed. By just talking to her her and asking her what she wants and receiving a response you are teaching your child a valuable skill at such a tender age. In saying this, I do think the SIDS preventative feature is impressive.
Seriously i can not believe this rot, this is what is wrong witih the world these days, we molly coddle children so much, and really if you don't know when your child needs changing come on now or you need to monitor their heart beat to know if they are happy or not call me a cynical but I live in the real world
Ok. Why do we need a gadget for everything these days. Especially this... I think I agree with the parent "experts" in saying that it takes away from our insticts and adds anxiousnes... and it's almost like saying we can't do anything for ourselves anymore. As though there has to be a solution to everything... without trying to figure it out. I'd much rather look after my baby with feel and touch and no txt message involved... anyway that's just an opinion...
Yes, lets make parents more incompetent than they already are.


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